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Rock Extraction

Because of the high degree of natural fracturing in the rock at Belmont Quarry it is typically excavated with a large excavator and doesn’t normally require drilling and blasting.  However, when blasting is required it is well planned to provide a measured quantity of loose rock whilst minimising ground vibration and noise within the surrounding area.

Loading and transport to operating plants

After excavation or blasting, the fragmented rock is loaded into dump trucks by hydraulic excavators and/or loaders and transported to the processing plant.


At the processing plant an array of jaw, gyratory and impact crushers followed by various washing systems and screening units transform the raw material into a range of quarry products.  These products vary from very tightly specified crushed and screened graded rock for use in roading and building construction, to a selection of lower quality material, which is used for general non-specified works.


Products are removed from the processing plant at various points, depending on the desired characteristics, and transported by truck, loader or conveyor to the stockpiles ready for sale.

Loading and Transport

Road trucks are weighed at the weighbridge immediately after entering the site via the main gateway. They then drive to the appropriate stockpiles, where they are loaded, before returning to the weighbridge and the main entrance to transport the products off site.